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Sometimes, homeowners find themselves in situations they can’t get out of fast enough. The traditional selling process can take months, and getting the house ready for sale can be expensive. You may be wondering whether you should sell your house fast for cash. To figure out which solution is right for you, consider these factors:

Repairs and Upgrades

Perhaps one of the most stressful aspects of selling a home the traditional way is getting the home ready to list. You’re competing with every other property listed, so your house has to look its best. If you’ve put off expensive repairs or never got around to updating that outdated kitchen, this can translate into a hefty bill when you prepare to list the home.

The Myers Home Buyers Difference:

With Myers Home Buyers, you’re selling to professional investors who have the know-how to do the repairs and updates. We’ve seen houses in every condition and we know how to see past the problems to understand the true value of the home. So you can focus on your move – without worrying about decluttering or staging.


Sometimes you just need this part of your journey to be simple, quick, and convenient. With the traditional home selling process, this typically won’t be the case. The process of choosing a Realtor, figuring out how to price a problem home properly, preparing the house over and over again for multiple showings, working through inspections and negotiating repairs, and waiting on final loan approval—there are a lot of moving parts that can keep you from moving on as quickly as you want.

The Myers Home Buyers Difference:

There’s never been a simpler way to get top dollar for your as-is home. Contact us to arrange a 30-minute consultation – sometimes even the same day! Once you’ve signed a listing agreement, we’ll schedule a 1-hour walk-through for our investors, where they will submit their offers. You select the highest one, and get your cash within days.


Selling a home with problems means lots of potential pitfalls. The house has to pass a detailed inspection. And the appraisal value has to be high enough for a buyer to buy the house and make any repairs. Just when you think you’re out of the woods, and you have a signed offer, buyers will often ask for a price reduction, or to delay the closing while you make repairs. And your only option is to put the house back on the market and start all over again.

The Myers Home Buyers Difference:

With Myers Home Buyers, there are no inspections or appraisals or option period. You close in a few days, and our experienced real estate agents will be with you every step of the way. We’ve handled thousands of problem homes, and all of that experience will be in your corner. Sometimes, homeowners find themselves in situations they can’t get out of fast enough. Whether it’s moving for a new job, trying to avoid foreclosure, or an illness or death in the family, there are times when it’s tough to deal with the complications of selling a home. Whatever the reason, sometimes homeowners just need to get a fresh start. Myers Home Buyers can help. Click here for your free, no obligation consultation.