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Investment property

An investment property is a real estate purchase that is intended to generate income. Investment properties may be purchased by an individual or a...

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If a person who owns a property passes away without having prepared a will, the estate will be considered intestate. When this occurs, a probate...

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Interest is a fee that is paid to lenders when borrowing money to purchase a property. Interest can vary, depending on the borrower's credit score...

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An iBuyer, or instant buyer, is a real estate company that uses technology and algorithms to buy and sell homes.

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Homeowners insurance

When any damage occurs to a home, homeowners insurance protects the homeowner from depreciation in value. Homeowners insurance also helps to cover...

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Property tax

Real estate is taxed by the local government where the property is located. Assessments of the property are conducted periodically to assess the...

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Private money lender

Private money lenders are used by real estate investors to finance properties. A private money loan is given to an individual or company by a...

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A underwriter is responsible for reviewing an application submitted by a borrower, as well as supplemental information included with the...

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Transfer tax

When buying and selling a property, transfer tax must be paid when the title is transferred to one party to the other. In some states, the buyer and...

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